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Linda Harvey, Mission America

We have a choice. We can turn away from the childish mob. We can prosecute the lawbreakers while ignoring their press agent bullies-- the Colin Kaepernicks, AOCs, Stacey Abrams, and LeBron Jameses of America.

Christians especially must resist manipulation. Because it’s obvious that, to these radicals, only certain black lives “matter.” Certainly not the teens killed in the Seattle CHOP/CHAZ, nor the epidemic of black on black murders (including children), nor the abortions of black babies. Nor Christian blacks in Nigeria, where genocide continues virtually unreported by the American media or decried by Western church leaders.

Now American corporations are losing touch with reality. Home Depot has announced they will only sell pre-cut lengths of rope after someone allegedly made a noose out of a rope spool, reminiscent of black lynchings.

How far does hyper-sensitivity go? Do Christians get to demand that lions no longer appear in zoos because our faith ancestors were torn apart for the entertainment of pagan emperors?

And the National Education Association, always the child-endangering underbelly of progressive hysteria, will push even more inaccurate, anti-American lessons in the fall to your children. Just listen to the barf-worthy, nation-bashing speech by far-left president Lily Eskelsen Garcia at the union’s recent virtual convention. She believes “exclusion” in America “continues to be intentional,” but started 400 years ago when “white male Protestants with money” built systems to intentionally oppress others. Her deceitful, Trump-bashing speech is a disgrace to the nation’s education profession.

Garcia’s brand of twisted ignorance masquerades as leadership in a country where there’s little accountability for poisonous mythology. We are witnessing an undisguised attempt at a second American civil war.

Yet the agitators forget—God is watching.

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