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Is NEA Calling for Revolution?

Linda Harvey, Mission America

The teaching profession's revolutionary priorities at NEA

The largest union in the country, the National Education Association, hates America, hates God and hates children.

And they are making it official.

Remember, these are the folks running the nation’s public schools. If we wonder why the left seems nuts, here’s one big reason. The mighty, misguided teachers’ union is prepping clueless young extremists and churning them out in your neighborhood schools every day.

At the latest NEA national convention, this year in Houston, the 6,000-plus delegates passed policies to spend hard-earned teacher and school staff dues to advocate lawlessness, open borders, extremely divisive special interest groups, abortion, youth sexual “rights,” sodomy, and gender distortion.

And this all happened as the union celebrated “Stonewall” and hundreds of “LGBTQ” delegates partied to the obscene entertainment of near-naked “drag queens” while children who had been brought to this event watched.

NEA supports the care and feeding of false “gay” narratives and inaccurate pronouns, but not infants. Grammar denial is critical, but so is life denial.

The NEA apparently wants America to go down and they are doing their best to help that process along.

Among the actions taken at the NEA 2019 Representative Assembly are these new business items:

* Explicit defense of the “fundamental right to abortion under Roe v. Wade”” as well as for “youth” to “control their own body” (NBI 56). So either killing or sexualizing children is now official NEA policy.
* NEA opposes the “criminalization of border crossings,” no wall, and the immediate shut down of detention centers, which NEA agrees are “concentration camps” (NBI 37)

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