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Survey: Young Americans Waking Up to Homosexual Harm

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Do you want your future children taught ‘LGBT’ history lessons?”

That’s essentially the question (along with others) presented to young Americans 18 to 34 in a recent Harris poll. Their responses have “LGBT” activists in a tizzy—and many conservatives predicting a hopeful new era in social engineering reality.

Support for normalizing homosexuality and gender confusion is dropping like a stone among young adults. The majority still expresses support for generalized “equal rights,” but apparently some have learned what devils are in these details.

GLAAD, the group supporting the “American Acceptance Index” research, is mystified.

They wonder, doesn’t this first generation raised under “gay” indoctrination get it? Haven’t they been subjected to numerous anti-bullying lessons in school, obediently learning that homosexuality is inborn (despite evidence to the contrary)?

Maybe that’s the problem. Young Americans have seen all this and are not impressed.

I speak on the “LGBT” agenda in classes of public school seniors several times a year, and here’s what I think is going on.

1. Kids have learned about bullies and see “LGBTQ” tyranny for what it is—hypocrisy. These folks talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

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