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Tell Jimmy Carter about the Damage of Homosexuality

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Vicious attacks on Christians? People losing their jobs and businesses? Kids being corrupted? Church communities in total disarray?

What’s not to like about the “LGBTQ” movement in America?

Oh, but Jimmy Carter thinks “gay marriage” doesn’t damage anyone.

Jimmy Carter talks like he spent the last two decades in New Zealand. Maybe he did, mentally. He is clueless and so, so wrong about homosexuality which, far from being a victimless sin, is the progenitor of virulent pathologies that are poisoning our culture.

Here are three reasons why every American Christian needs to speak loudly and vigorously to contend against the unhinged “LGBTQ” movement:

1. Homosexuality among adults, including “gay marriage,” leads pretty quickly to approval of sex in children—including pedophilia. When homosexuality is embraced even as “marriage” by the culture at large, it also becomes the new norm for adults to foist on children, grounded in a belief that some are born this way, despite the lack of evidence to support this revolutionary notion.

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Your Children Deserve the Truth

Linda Harvey's book written especially for teens

Are you ready to give up? No? Neither are we! The really important work to change our culture and protect our Christian witness is just beginning. As the opposition gets more committed, so should we.

The gates of hell will not stand against the witness of the church of Jesus Christ, and the fire has never been hotter on issues like homosexuality, gender confusion, abortion, false faiths like Islam, and so many other current challenges in America.

Linda Harvey's book, MAYBE HE'S NOT GAY, is a great example of pushing back against evil and it's an excellent resource to give to our kids who face misinformation on a daily basis about the issues of homosexuality and gender confusion. Don't our kids deserve the truth? More information is available on our Mission America web site.

Do not give up and please support our efforts to get the truth out. Our web site, radio programs, weekly columns, radio interviews, speeches and books are all making a difference.

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from Mission America | Linda Harvey, President
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