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Dirty 2 Dozen GOP Reps Bow to 'Trans' Demands

Linda Harvey, WND.com
Warning: Graphic content

Soldiers are already subjected to "training" to accept gender confusion.

Two dozen Republican members of Congress believe you and I, taxpayers, should pay for castration and vaginal construction for transvestite males, double mastectomies of healthy breasts for male-posing women as well as their artificial penises, and hormones administered to the opposite sex.

And this is for soldiers and sailors in the U.S. military.

Have you landed on another planet? Yes. It’s the alternate universe created by anti-reality “LGBTQ” advocates and their humble, stupid servants in the U.S. government.

The Hartzler amendment to the House appropriations bill would have stopped the military from paying for this nonsense following an illegitimate Obama executive order. But all the Democrats in the House, and 24 Republicans, kept this amendment from passing.

So delusions can dictate reality, and our military is that much more corrupted.

No federal civil right exists for gender-confused behavior, nor for homosexual behavior, for that matter. Yet because of Obama’s diabolical executive orders, Congress now must unravel the resulting social engineering chaos.

There is some good news. At last, Congress is considering a bill to limit the rush to redefine gender in federal law. Just introduced, H.R. 2796 would continue to define “male” to mean biological male, and females likewise under existing law.

If this ambitious bill ever passes, vain imaginations and mental illness might finally be overcome with…. truth.

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