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NEA Convention: The Deviant, Devilish, and Daffy

Linda Harvey, WND.com

Friendly faces at the Ex-Gay Educators' exhibit. Why expel these folks?

Concerned American parents have come to expect leftist nonsense from the National Education Association, but leaders of the nation’s largest union (around 3 million members) have become frankly unhinged, even marginally seditious.

The Trump presidency is sending these radicals over the edge. This year’s NEA annual meeting held in Boston during Fourth of July week featured proposals laced with anti-Trump language, defiance of American immigration law, refusal to cooperate with ICE agents, and support for sanctuary cities.

But NEA also hopes to rigidly control the avenues of information on issues of concern to Christians. The NEA entertained a measure to expel the ex-homosexual educators’ exhibit from the convention (New Business Item 86) and creation science educators (NBI 154). Its adopted language on the final day ended up with qualified permission to remain for both, under scrutiny for “offensive” content.

What’s “offensive” is the blatant bias of these union thugs that in many states, teachers and school staff are compelled by law to support. There’s nothing disturbing about the choice to leave homosexuality. Isn’t this being “fluid”?

Yet NEA inadvertently gave lots of publicity to the hope for healing from sexual sin. Praise God!

The only good news is that not all teachers or even delegates agree with NEA leadership’s race to the bottom.

On the sexual anarchy agenda, the NEA’s recent meeting pushed the limits of anti-morality extremism promoted to children, bemoaning the alleged denial of the “civil rights” of student and teacher “LGBTQ” practitioners. The union plans to lobby for pro-homosexual laws at the state level as they try to eradicate “homophobia” and what they consider hate speech.

One proposal, New Business Item 30, embraced open partnership with known anti-Christian bullies, the Southern Poverty Law Center and Human Rights Campaign, to become leftist watchdogs:

“NEA will track incidents of discrimination, racism, homophobia and transphobia, as well as anti-semitism, Islamophobia, and all other forms of religious discrimination, and bigotry in our public schools. The data will be shared with districts to educate and eradicate hate through the development of programs…”

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