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Ohio School Board Member Pressured to Resign

Clear viewpoint discrimination

How about some unity and justice for other viewpoints?

It's another smear campaign for people who just wanted to express their views in Washington.

Ohio Board of Education member Kirsten Hill from the Lorain area organized a bus trip to the January 6 rally. Just as with hundreds of thousands of others who peacefully attended, there is no evidence tying her to the violence implemented by a handful of people at the Capitol.

If only Democrats and their supporters (like the teachers' unions) were as outraged by the violence of elements on the left, and the bodily harm, deaths and billion of dollars of destruction caused by them during the past year. No, instead, top Democrats are raising money for bail and getting charges dropped for members of Antifa and the violent elements of BLM.

No such mercy greets those who attended a rally peacefully.

But a smear campaign is an easy way to gain power. Let's not let it happen.

To read the hyped up attacks on Kirsten Hill, go to the article on the leftist teachers' union site, the OEA, HERE. Remember you are reading a pro-abortion, radical site from a group that supports far-left policies -- and they represent teachers!

ACTION-- Contact Ohio State Board of Education president Laura Kohler, HERE.

Let's stand up for Kirsten Hill and these unfair attacks.


Navigating the 'Transgender' Landscape in Schools

Excellent fact-based resource for parents and schools

Is this a valid, factual teaching tool for schoolchildren?

The national Navigating the Transgender Landscape School Resource Guide is designed to fill the information gap.

The Guide gives school boards, administrators, teachers, and counselors sound social, medical, and legal information to develop sound policies to respond effectively to the transgender phenomenon.

This Guide:
* Explains factors influencing children to identify as transgender.
* Presents medical information on the effects of “gender transition” medical interventions.
* Provides answers to the most frequently raised concerns, such as the suicide risk, transgender regret, and parental concerns.
* Gives an overview of how the transgender trend is affecting activism in schools, sex-based privacy facilities, and equity in sports.
* Discusses Title IX and how state sunshine laws affect policy making.
* Offers policy recommendations to respond appropriately to trans-identifying students, while respecting the rights of all students and of parents

For more information, go HERE.  

The Heart and Focus of Mission America

Watch VIDEO interview of Linda Harvey

The focus and heart of Mission America is the subject of a new video produced by Predator Watch, founded by Jon Uhler. Jon is a counselor with many decades treating both sexual abuse survivors and sexual predators.

Jon interviews Linda Harvey, president of Mission America, and includes many video clips illustrating what Mission America is all about— combating the trend in America toward legitimizing the corruption of children. We are deeply grateful for what Jon has done here-- provided a snapshot, though disturbing, of what Christian conservatives are battling today in America in our efforts to protect children.

Warning: some graphic content included.

Watch video, HERE.

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