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Did Nationwide Children's Hospital Break Ohio Law with Obscene Sex Ed in Columbus Schools?

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Looks innocuous, but this sex ed program is radical and high-risk

Middle schoolers in Columbus (OH) City Schools are being subjected to abortion-advocating, hook-up-oriented sex education, thanks to a federal grant secured by Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

That same hospital operates a very profitable “gender clinic” for minors to push them toward medical mutilation in the vain hope of becoming the opposite sex.

Promoting “gender change” is a big part of the chosen curriculum—“Get Real,” a Planned Parenthood-developed comprehensive sex education tool that is not abstinence-focused, but just the opposite.

And that is a violation Ohio’s existing abstinence-until-marriage sex education law.

The $2.5 million grant, announced in September, is funding three years of alleged “teen pregnancy prevention” for 7th and 8th graders through the U.S. Department of HHS in twelve Columbus area middle schools.

And the Columbus superintendent emphasized that such a program is especially important for “black girls” right now because of “health disparities.”

So, wait—it’s now going to be more important for minority adolescent girls to be corrupted early, to be encouraged to begin sexual activity, to block parental knowledge and possibly have an abortion? That seems like the opposite of sound health, but actually would make eugenicist and hard-core racist Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, proud.

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Do not fear...He will never leave us nor forsake us

Let's stand together for the truth, no matter what

In these turbulent times for our nation, let's keep our eyes focused not as much on passing earthly kings, but on the King of Kings.

Yes, America deserves better than suppression of free speech and completely ignoring legitimate electoral concerns. We all deserve better than craven political power grabs and glaring double standards of justice.

But we will get past this and ultimately, authentic justice will prevail.

Jesus told us to love our enemies, and that's really hard sometimes. Let's keep contending against the dark plans some of these folks have for our precious children, while we keep holding out (where we can) an olive branch and the hope of the Gospel.

It's a hard line to walk, but it's the right one for those who follow Him. Join me, Linda Harvey, in fervent prayer for our nation, for our children, and for the bright light of the Gospel to shine more brilliantly than ever!

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