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Happy New Year!

Let's make it a great one for families and faith.

From Mission America, we want to wish you and yours a Happy New Year! We have many challenges ahead but among Christians and conservatives in our nation, there's a strong sense that we can still make a huge difference.

Let's keep working hard to turn this ship around and get back to sane, sound values in America.

Together, we can do this. Let's join together, pray and never give up.

In 2020, let's make our vision clear.  

Pro-Abortion OH Lawmaker/Doctor Presenting at Catholic Church

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Rep. Beth Liston's pro-abortion allies scream in rage after Ohio Heartbeat Bill passes.

She’s a physician and an Ohio state lawmaker. But don’t let the advanced training fool you. Some doctors support deeply disturbed, harmful, even life-ending behavior.

Beth Liston, MD is an Ohio Democratic statehouse representative from the Columbus suburb of Dublin. She is scheduled to host a workshop on mental health at St. Peter Catholic Church in her community at the end of January. Liston is said to be an active member of that church, but there seems to be no congregational accountability for her vigorous opposition to pro-life heartbeat legislation, nor for her support of “LGBT” special rights.

The program on Saturday, January 25 is called “Mental Health First Aid Workshop for those Caring and Working with Youth,” and is being presented by a group called Mindful Minds, with Liston’s leadership and with funding from other groups. This organization has made other presentations in Ohio and at first glance, one might think it’s a positive prevention effort to defuse mental health crisis situations involving children.

The red flags arise, however, over any advice Beth Liston might give on high-risk, depression-inducing youth situations involving sexuality, pregnancy, or gender confusion. There’s a high likelihood, given her policy track record at the Ohio Statehouse, that Liston, who is ironically a pediatrician, would advocate an abortion for a teen depressed about pregnancy; would encourage the positive affirmation of same sex attraction and an open “gay” identity for a minor; and would encourage an opposite sex identity for a teen confused about gender.

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