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Covington Students Bullied by American Left During "No Name-Calling Week"

Let's stand with these kids. They did nothing wrong.

Covington Catholic teen retains composure as activist drums in his face

Oh, the ironies. By now, most of you have heard about the Covington Catholic High School boys who attended the March for Life in Washington and while waiting for their bus to pick them up at the Lincoln Memorial, were accosted by two small groups of radical "identity politics" demonstrators.

The key boy targeted by a Native American demonstrator, who shoved his drum right in the boy's face trying to provoke a response, behaved in a very restrained manner, and should be commended for not reacting antagonistically.

But guess what? A highly- edited videotaped version of the events was posted on YouTube and before waiting for the entire video, not just the left but many conservatives and even their own school, mayor and church jumped on these boys, suspending them from school. The school and these families are now facing threats of violence from the unhinged, child-attacking adult left.

A firestorm of criticism of the boys (not the deceitful, obscene activists) erupted on Twitter with some publishing their personal information and calling for violence against them.And Twitter allowed this...!

Some of you will recall that Mission America sent out an alert a few days ago (see HERE) about the homosexual-backed "No Name-Calling Week" observed in many schools this week (timed strategically to coincide with MLK Day, even though "LGBT" behaviors do not qualify as civil rights but moral wrongs).

Doesn't it strike you as very troubling that adults are openly calling for teens to be harmed this week? Teens who did nothing wrong, even when provoked, but only because they apparently hold conservative, pro-life views, and some were wearing hats supporting President Trump?

We don't buy the idea of "hate speech"-- but if ever something fits that description, it's when adults attack kids like this.

See the article below with a press statement from the We the People Convention.  

Ohio Tea Party Leader: DOJ Should Enforce Law, Protect Covington Boys and Families

Tom Zawistowski, We the People Convention, January 22, 2019


Akron, OH - Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party Affiliated We the People Convention, called on President Trump to use the Department of Justice (DOJ), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and other government agencies, to enforce the law and protect all American citizens from the criminal acts being committed by political groups and individuals who are trying to silence speech in our nation and persecute individuals for their political positions.

Zawistowski contends that the recent attack on high school students from Covington Catholic High School is a tipping point that requires the President to act by demanding that federal agencies do their job and protect the rights of all Americans.

Zawistowski said, "Mr. President, when do We the People get 'equal justice' and 'equal protection' under the law?? When is ANYONE who makes a death threat, like against the teenagers from Covington Catholic, going to be publicly identified, arrested and prosecuted? When is ANYONE who makes a bomb threat, like the ones made against Covington Catholic School, going to be publicly identified, arrested and charged??? When is your DOJ going to reverse the anti-constitutional and illegal position of the Holder/Lynch/Obama administration and return to the historic position of ‘equal justice for all’ where white Americans are not ‘fair game’ for rampant overt racial discrimination; vicious personal, verbal and physical attacks based solely on the color of their skin; and bullying and intimidation by radical race-based political groups like we saw this weekend in D.C. and are threatening Covington Catholic school today?"

See entire press release HERE.  


from Mission America | Linda Harvey, President
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