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Does "No Name-Calling Week" Include Slurs Against Christians?

Pro-homosexual lessons cause more bigotry, not less.

The week of Jan. 21-27 is a homosexual-sponsored event called "No Name-Calling Week."

But don't be fooled. It's a Trojan horse for the "LGBT" agenda in schools.

If your school has launched a bullying prevention program, it will most likely be a big focus this winter. Many schools observe “No Name-Calling Week” in late January.

But is respect for Christians part of these “no name- calling” lessons? Or does this effort in reality create more division by labeling and stereotyping objections to homosexuality?

The labels are “homophobia,” or “hate,” or claiming that opposing cross-dressing is “heterosexism.” Thousands of us are highly offended because it’s not true. I know my own heart and there’s no hate there; there is in fact, grave concern for these kids, lots of prayers, etc. Yet I and others will never change our minds about homosexuality, because we know the truth. I used to approve of homosexuality but changed my mind when I got more information, not less...

“Gay” student clubs only add fuel to these raging internal fires, by dwelling on supposed discrimination while urging entry into these harmful, sinful behaviors. The enemy? Traditionalists — students, teachers, parents — who know how harmful homosexuality is. Making sure people understand who the enemy is, is high on this evil agenda. Ironically, and sadly, this neatly dovetails with the messages of some anti-bullying curricula.

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