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The Will of God or The Will of Guy?

Linda Harvey, WND.com

Guy Benson

I met “gay Christian conservative” Guy Benson a few years back, before he became a Fox News commentator and a rising media personality.

Benson revealed his inclinations in a book even as he was an editor for Townhall.com. His prominence confounds me as I wonder why Townhall features a proud homosexual. What’s going on with that?

My brief encounter with Benson occurred long before he recorded the recent controversial PragerU video where he inaccurately refers to homosexuality as “immutable” and gives “thanks to the hard work of gay rights activists who’ve paved the way for people like me.” 

But the Gospel is not just informational but transformational. What’s the evidence Benson has been transformed by the work of the Holy Spirit? On the video, he flippantly says he’s “gay” and then, “So what?”

This does not sound like someone obeying the will of God. He seems all about living the will of Guy.

When I met Benson it was not common knowledge that he experiences same sex attractions. But I knew something was up with this fellow by the cold shoulder I received.

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Should 'LGBT' Bullies Get Their Way In Ohio?

No, sexual sin is NOT good for business#LoveDoesntBully

Good for business? A crude Chipotle 'gay pride' float.

Unnecessary and harmful. That's the quick answer about why our Ohio General Assembly should oppose House Bill 160, which is yet another attempt to pass homosexual and gender rebellion "rights" in Ohio.

Go HERE to read more about this bill.

CALL or email your representatives NOW because the committee will vote tomorrow, and we want to send a clear message: sexual sin does not deserve an open door to bully Christians and conservatives in Ohio!

Here's an alert that went out from CCV, Citizens for Community Values Action:

ACTION ALERT: House Committee Considers Bill Targeting Bathrooms, Schools, and Businesses

The Ohio House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee will be hearing testimony on a bill on Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. that would punish schools, ministries, businesses and families that don’t want to allow biological men in women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and domestic violence shelters.

The largest and most powerful businesses in Ohio are backing this bill to bully churches, businesses, and families.

Every day Ohioans of all religions do business, go to school, and live life with their LGBT neighbors. Ohio is a diverse state. We should be celebrating that, yet HB 160 creates division.

HB 160 elevates “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to protected class status. While everyone opposes discrimination, HB 160 creates a host of problems. Among the issues, this bill would:
--Require schools, restaurants, Christian ministries, and any public accommodation to allow biological men in women’s restrooms and locker rooms.
--Require businesses participate in same-sex weddings, regardless of the business owner’s religious beliefs.
--Require domestic violence shelters to allow biological men to bathe and bunk with women if the men claim they are women.
--Require public schools allow biological boys in girls locker rooms, dressing rooms, and girls athletics.

Email these committee members now:

Representative Louis W. Blessing III - Rep29@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Bill Reineke - Rep88@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Kathleen Clyde - Rep75@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Keith Faber - Rep84@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Timothy E. Ginter - Rep05@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Dave Greenspan - Rep16@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Brigid Kelly - Rep31@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Bernadine Kennedy Kent - Rep25@ohiohouse.gov
Representative P. Scott Lipps - Rep62@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Dorothy Pelanda - Rep86@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Bill Seitz - Rep30@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Ryan Smith - Rep93@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Martin J. Sweeney - Rep14@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Cliff Rosenberger - Rep91@ohiohouse.gov  


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