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Homosexuality is a Great Witnessing Opportunity

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Recently, a friend visited a “social justice” congregation with a sizable young adult audience. She asked one of the pastors what he thought about homosexuality, and his reply was very revealing: “Well, we don’t treat one sin as being different from another.”

He is, of course, excusing his pastoral responsibility to confront proud sin. This church in Columbus, Ohio is known for its unspoken tolerance of open homosexuals, so-called “gay” Christians, while still claiming to follow Scripture.

He’s also teaching false doctrine. Jesus Himself made comparative references to sin as did His apostles. Stealing your friend’s lunch money is not the same as Hitler slaughtering six million Jews.

Let’s get real here—homosexuality is a grave sin. It decimates the body, distorts the family, corrupts minds and we can see how its anti-Christian influence is poisoning the American church.

Too many church leaders avoid dealing biblically with homosexual behavior and gender confusion, ignoring the evidence these practices are ripping apart the body of Christ. Their response is either to overtly accept these sins or fail to apply church discipline to open, proud, non-struggling congregants.

Even some self-labeled Bible-believers deny these are “essential” matters. The comment I and other pro-family advocates often hear is, “Why do you focus on this? Why not spend your time sharing the Gospel?”

But this is like saying to Abraham Lincoln, “Why confront slavery? Aren’t there more important issues in America?”

Any believer can pivot meaningfully from a discussion about homosexuality into core elements of Christian doctrine. These dialogues become fabulous opportunities to witness about the whole character of God and how we are to apply biblical standards to our lives.

For instance:

1. Homosexuality/gender confusion defy the glory of creation. Jesus is the Creator of all things including humans (John 1, Colossians 1 and elsewhere) and in Matthew 19:4-6 made it clear that people were created male and female (paraphrasing Genesis 2) and these unions define authentic marriage. This powerful affirmation of the male/female binary in all its beauty points those with same sex attraction or gender rebellion back to the basics.

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