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Will 'No Name-Calling Week' Live Up to Its Name?

Linda Harvey WND.com

It’s time in schools again for “No Name-Calling Week.” And that means your children will get a load of harmful propaganda and half-truths.

Lesson plans are unveiled each January developed by GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. There are many problems when schools use this deceptive program.

“No Name- Calling Week” started in 2004 as an outgrowth of the messages of a pro-homosexual teen book, “The Misfits” by James Howe.

Just to be fair, there is some helpful anti-bullying material in these lesson plans but also some extremely inappropriate content, which is why the whole package should be rejected. Teachers can access alternate curricula that don’t validate homosexual behavior and gender confusion.

Because of the growing influence of homosexual activism, our kids in schools are inundated with messages that “LGBT kids” are bullied mercilessly, subjected to name-calling, and there’s no end in sight.

It’s classic propaganda and “No-Name Calling Week” is a sneaky vehicle to convey it.

What many of us would like to stop is intentional politicization of the bullying problem by GLSEN, the Human Rights Campaign and others to support their depraved agenda. Homosexual and “transgender” identities and behavior should never be treated as inborn traits and promoted to students.

And there’s also the hypocrisy of selective outrage.

No name-calling? When do conservative Christian students and teachers get respect? What about supporters of our president?

GLSEN even has a Twitter campaign for “No Name-Calling Week”-- #KindnessinAction.

Pardon my moment of cynical laughter as I recall the vicious emails and calls I get from “gay” supporters. How much kindness is shown by GLSEN to conservative Christians who don’t applaud effeminate teen boys having intimate relations with other boys, or who see GLSEN’s signature “achievement”—establishing homosexual clubs in schools – as a cultural American tragedy?

How about #FairtoChristians? Or #StopGLSENhypocrites?

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Such Were Some of You...(video)

Former homosexuals testify about their journeys of change.

Pure Passion Media has decided to make online viewing of "Such Were Some of You" free as a missionary effort to reach as many people as possible with the life-changing news that Jesus Christ loves the homosexual and has the power to transform their lives and futures.

Winner of 5 professional and festival awards, (including "Best Documentary"), the film features Drs Michael Brown, Robert Gagnon, Neil T. Anderson, Julie Hamilton (with a special appearance by Kay Arthur) and 26 former homosexuals who tell their stories of living the gay lifestyle before finding freedom through Christ.

You can watch the video HERE.  

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