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Life vs. Death: 2 D.C. Marches

Linda Harvey, WND.com

It comes as a shock to feminists and their allies. But there really is a worldview other than leftwing propaganda, one that doesn’t believe Planned Parenthood is an honorable organization, nor that preborn children are just burdensome tissue.

And this revelation is unfolding at lightning speed. In America, life is marching against death and destruction.

We just witnessed two radically different women’s demonstrations. For those with eyes to see, it’s clear the gates of hell will not stand against God’s plan for good.

A Christ-centered, truth-honoring worldview esteems morality over sexual permissiveness and convenience, and counts children in the womb as worthy of authentic human rights protection.

Vice president Mike Pence told the March for Life, “Life is winning in America.”

When you compare the objectives, leaders, and messaging of the Women’s March vs. the March for Life, the feminists come off as sad hypocrites -- deceived, desperate and destructive.

On parade at the March for Life were youth, love, beauty, family and respect for God. Happy demonstrators presented a positive message of health and well-being, with signs like, “Your 1st safe space was your mother’s womb.” They conveyed God’s alternative to abortion: lovingly allowing tiny, vulnerable human beings – those He created-- to live.

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Share your Opinion with President Trump

Special rights for homosexual and gender-bending behaviors? Or not?

The Trump administration is now saying they will not change the requirement imposed by the Obama administration that federal contractors support so-called "LGBTQ" behaviors.

This is appalling, since these behaviors and lifestyles are corrupting children and threatening religious freedom in America. And no federal law supports Obama's executive action on this. That alone should prompt a reversal by Trump. This order is discriminatory and illegitimate.

Please share your opinions about this with the president.

Go to the White House contact site and ask the president to re-consider this position.  


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