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4 Reasons Combating Evil Counts as 'Serving God'

Linda Harvey, WND.com

Protesting abortion can also be a high calling.

When is “standing in the gap” going to become a noble idea again?

In a recent conversation with a dear friend, the subject of serving God came up as we discussed a Christian best-selling book. Students and young adults today are drawn to service more than ever, or so the narrative goes.

But the definition of “serving God” needs to broaden and deepen. What I keep hearing is that charity, health care, mission trips, relief work, disaster donations, tutoring special needs children, housing the displaced, and urban renewal are the basic parameters of Christian good works today.

Other ministries are given either a shrug or worse—a scoff.

This is not to dismiss these vital services, all desperately needed in a suffering world, and I applaud anyone who rolls up his or her sleeves for such daunting tasks. The priorities of our family include such service because it’s what all of us are called to do when we decide to follow Christ.

But it’s not all we are called to do. Another high calling is publicly resisting evil, even in politics, even when you are called every name in the book, your intentions and actions mischaracterized and demonized.

And this comes sometimes from fellow professing believers.

What I really long for is a broader definition of “serving the Lord,” one that nurtures and calls out believers to serve God in an especially distasteful but essential role: that of standing firm against popular depravity.

It’s the burden I felt over twenty years ago, and still do, and it’s not a fun job. Would I rather be spending more time on mission work? Absolutely. That seems like a dream compared to contending against radical homosexuals, self-righteous feminists, and deeply-disturbed transsexuals.

Many people believe those of us who speak out against the normalization of homosexuality and abortion are motivated by something other than the love of God’s goodness compared to the seduction of the gutter.

The Christian stampede away from a public defense of virtue is costing us all. We are about to bleed out, friends, and the body of Christ is desperate for more who feel called specifically—not just occasionally—to this area of service.

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