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The Safest Gender Identity is Truth

Linda Harvey, WND.com

Would you allow your daughter to go into the men’s bathroom?” So goes a provocative question on social media. But as with so many current debates, there is an enormous lie—“fake news”-- embedded in this campaign.

Safety will soon be a hot topic again as Texas, Alabama and other states take up “bathroom bills” that restrict facility usage to biological sex.

The question is, should confused biological boys and men be admitted to women’s restrooms for their supposed “safety,” even if girls and women are at risk?

Whose well-being has higher priority— gender rebels or the gender secure?

On Facebook recently, a photography studio featured the image of a pretty little “girl”-- or so it appeared. This child wore an inappropriate amount of make-up for a pre-adolescent, but then it became clear why.

“She” is a boy, cosmetically enhanced so viewers would accept him as female. In yet another photographic documentation of child abuse, this social media campaign aims to de-sensitize Americans into condoning gender mutilation.

The headline asks the hysterical question, “Would you allow your daughter to go into the men’s bathroom?” But…this is no one’s “daughter.” He’s a son.

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