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5 Ways Companies Can Be More Christian-Friendly

Linda Harvey, WND.com

It’s a mystery why Target is so dense. The major retailer had a bad year, and when a major company has slow sales it translates to lost jobs, poor service to consumers, possible store closings.

In other words, there’s a toll involving real Americans and their families. And for what?

Taking a cue from North Carolina’s H.B. 2 controversy, Target welcomed gender-confused, mentally ill or predatory males into women’s dressing rooms and bathrooms. Now the company is shuffling its deck to disguise the real culprit of traffic decline, despite the massive boycott led by the American Family Association and joined by numerous other groups. (Full disclosure: my group, Mission America, is one of these).

This is corporate masochism. These executives should all be fired...

So the question becomes, why are companies trading leftist nonsense for a stable bottom line?

Let’s take, for instance, the Human Rights Campaign’s “Corporate Equality Index.” The homosexual lobby group is boasting that more companies than ever achieved 100% on this measure of obeisance to sexual deviance. This is alleged “progress.”

It’s actually the opposite. This trend signals executive–level cowardice with ripple effects throughout the country.

Have so many bought the fables of “LGBTQ” activists? I don’t think so. There’s something else in play here.

In 2017, companies should take a completely different approach. Support Christian and conservative employees and customers-- their values, principles and concerns.

I know, it sounds revolutionary. But here a few suggestions:

1. Please do not participate in a “corporate equality index” like that conducted by the Human Rights Campaign. There is no “equality” here. Because this index promotes homosexuality and gender rebellion, it defies the values of social conservatives and is therefore a tool of sin advocacy, not equality.

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