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ACTION Alert: Call Congress about InEquality Act!!

We can't let this anti-family bill pass

Biden speaks to radical Human Rights Campaign in 2018

Congress will vote this week or next on the so-called "Equality Act."

With both houses of Congress controlled by the Democrats as well as the White House, the fondest dreams of homosexual activists may come true.

They want to make homosexuality and gender rebellion defined as "civil rights" by amending the 1964 Civil Rights Act. This is the key that opens every door in their eyes. To families who want to raise children in a moral environment, it would be a dark day indeed.

Biden is pushing this bill, calling it "historic legislation." Yes, he's right, but this history would not be in any way positive.

PLEASE Call or Email your congressional representatives about this bill, H.R. 5.

Read the bill HERE.

Read our Mission America article about the impact on children, HERE.

To find your U.S. Senators and congressional representatives, go to this link,

In Ohio, pay particular attention to Senator Rob Portman and Republican Representatives Steve Stivers, Dave Joyce, Bill Johnson, Mike Turner and Anthony Gonzalez.

Thank you for your efforts! There is a chance we can stop this bill!  

Overcoming Sexual Confusion: An Unanticipated Ministry

Annetta Small, interviewed by Don Johnson

In His providence, the Lord has given Annetta Small a ministry she never anticipated when she first launched out into Christian service.

Annetta serves by ministering to transgender and homosexual people as they struggle with the consequences of their lifestyles. Letís let her tell us a bit about her ministry and some of the biblical principles that guide her.

How did you get involved in this ministry?

My husband and I were active on the homosexual issue in Washington in 1995. We brought a Christian young man who had been involved in homosexuality and who was HIV positive from Alaska to Washington to do a state tour.

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