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Hilliard Schools Back Down, Admit to Poor Judgment

Breaking News from Mission America

Hilliard Heritage Middle School pro-homosexual bulletin board, 2018

Victory! A letter from the Hilliard Schools superintendent's office admits that the action of one of its staff was inappropriate in distributing material relating to a political issue.

Here's what happened.

An administrator in the Hilliard City Schools (suburban Columbus) sent an email to teachers soliticiting letters of support from students and teachers for a pro-homosexual/transgender "non-discrimination" ordinance being considered by Hilliard City Council.

In other words, a school official used a position of authority to pressure students into becoming lobbyists for dangerous, immoral behaviors that are unacceptable to many if not most families in the district.

Let's hope this signals a change of heart. It's not the first time the promotion of sexual immorality has occurred in Hilliard Schools. A pro-homosexual bulletin board was featured in 2018 at Heritage Middle School.

Don't you think equal time is deserved to present the truth to vulnerable students and to teachers? The damage has been done, but at least students could learn that the pro-"LGBTQ" viewpoint is full of holes and there are many valid reasons to oppose these "non-discrimination" measures that result in validating unacceptable lifestyles.

Here's the letter:

Ms. Harvey,

The Hilliard City Schools Board of Education has been clear on their support of diversity and inclusion of all students and supports our studentsí personal involvement in the political process as they choose. However, board policy sets clear expectations that literature promoting or opposing political figures, candidates or issues, not be distributed in the school setting.

In this case, we understand that students were not required to write letters in support of a particular issue, but any distribution of political literature to our students was not appropriate and should not have occurred.

We have discussed this with all involved and set new guidelines to assure this type of situation does not recur.

Thank you,
Christina Parkey
Administrative Assistant to Superintendent
Hilliard City Schools
Office: 614.921.7004
Fax: 614.921.4444  

ACTION: Oppose the Tyrannical "Equality Act"

Vote coming soon in Congress

Would retiring OH Senator Rob Portman vote YES on "Equality Act"?

The 'Equality Act' is no such thing, but will make the immoral, deviant behaviors of homosexuality and gender rebellion civil rights under federal law in the U.S. Think about that. Think about how unjust and bizarre that is.

We don't know the bill number yet for this session of Congress, but it will probably be introduced and move quickly in the next week or two.

This is a societal train wreck waiting to happen, and such a grand deception will be misused by the bullies empowered by 'LGBTQ' rights, with our poor children subjected to the lie that degrading, unnatural behaviors and lifestyles are normal in America. And you, parents, will not be able to object. It will be too late.

Your time to object is NOW.

CALL your member of Congress and your two U.S. Senators. Call regardless of whether they are Democrats or Republicans.

For contact information for your members of Congress,



from Mission America | Linda Harvey, President
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