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Middle School: Ground Zero for Indoctrinating America's Children

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Radical agendas at school

Did you know that math supports capitalist and imperialist views, and that teachers need to deconstruct its inherent racism?

This “woke” message from the Oregon Department of Education to the state’s educators is just the latest example of radical instruction in American schools. And some of the worst is found in middle schools.

Middle school is described by many parents as a gauntlet of twisted, dangerous indoctrination emanating from activist teachers, administrators and school counselors drawn to the 6th to 8th grade age cohort. Why? Because the pubescent child is the ideal subject for ideological manipulation.

I heard recently from a concerned mom, a single Ohio parent raising two daughters. One had just completed eighth grade when her mom described to me the non-stop liberal agendas dominating the climate at her child’s middle school.

The hallways were papered with “LGBT” rainbows and messages pushing “love is love.” School announcements regularly featured perky voices plugging “gay-straight alliance” activities. Diversity, equity, social justice themes popped up everywhere, the mom told me. “My daughter was inundated with constant propaganda.”

Thankfully, her child remained solidly grounded in the truth, so the attempts to win her acceptance had the opposite effect, cementing her position as a determined Christian conservative.

But that isn’t the outcome in many families.

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Save Female Sports in Ohio

New Bill Introduced by Powell, Stolzfus

Should biological boys play on girls' sports teams? A new bill just introduced at the Ohio Statehouse would regulate this recent, very controversial trend and require that actual females, not biological males, be the members of girl-only sports' teams.

It's House Bill 61 and the sponsors are Rep. Jena Powell (R- Arcanum) and Rep. Reggie Stoltzfus (R-Paris Twp.)

To learn more, go HERE.  

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