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Mayor Pete, When it Comes to Kids, Butt Out!

Linda Harvey, Mission America

The stage-managing of children for the depraved goals of homosexuality and gender rebellion needs to come to an end, right now.

Pete Buttigieg, the South Bend, Indiana mayor running for president, affirmed a nine-year old boy’s “gay” identity in front of a cheering Denver crowd. The episode had all the earmarks of a set-up, with this boy being the pawn in a high-stakes game.

The least qualified presidential candidate in recent history, who is also a proud homosexual, needs to leave children out of his heretical, artificial quest for significance.

He just ironically achieved it. Mayor Pete has most assuredly secured a place in the “millstone” camp (Matthew 18:6) where a cold watery fate, or worse, awaits him—unless he repents.

Along with the recent boy “drag” performers featured in homosexual parades, on national TV, and in Ohio bars, this sweet-looking boy is the latest victim of “LGBTQ” child corruption for public consumption.

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Ohio "Drag Queen" Events for Kids in Columbus, Gambier

One rescheduled event to be held in a bar

A "drag" reader scheduled for Clinton Elementary audience in Columbus

The flamboyant "drag queens" who want to read to, perform for, and be around children will not allow themselves to be refused access. So two recent events in Central Ohio are noteworthy.

One is the event to be held on Monday night, March 2 at a theater/bar in Columbus. It's the Clinton Elementary School "drag queen story event" that, because of public outcry, was cancelled. But this "LGBTQ" friendly establishment is hosting it instead. And the "queens" to be featured are not at all appropriate. The school cancelled because of alleged "safety concerns."

To read more details, even though it's extremely unfair and biased reporting, go

And another event was held on the campus of Kenyon College recently. A group of brave demonstrators tried to call attention to the radical nature of exposing children to such behaviors, but they were not warmly received.

For a great article from a pro-family perspective with more details, go


from Mission America | Linda Harvey, President
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