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Keep Kids Home This Thursday, Feb. 27? No Gender Propaganda, Please

Avoid the risk & protect children

The book about "Jazz" as a small confused child-- not a story our kids need!

This Thursday, Feb. 27, you may want to keep your kids home from school if your school is holding the event described below.

It's another dose of child-endangering nonsense from the "LGBT" folks-- all about pushing the trans agenda on little kids. Read below about the effort in Arlington, Va. You can do the same in your school! Keep kids home and avoid the "Jazz and Friends Day of School & Community Readings" featuring 19 year old "Jazz" Jennings, the boy who has had multiple radical surgeries in his desperate attempt to become female.

This is NOT an example any thinking, caring parent wants for their kids.

Read what the Arlington parents are doing, then also, see our article below for the entire school year list on our "School Corruption and Propaganda Calendar."

To read the Calendar,
Go HERE.  

National Keep Your Kids Home from School Day

Parents in Arlington, VA

"Jazz" Jennings, a biological male, is at center

The HRC & the public schools are at it again.

Who are we kidding? They never stop.

On Thursday, February 27, the Human Rights Campaign (the lobbying, fundraising, and activism organization that pushes LGB & TQ policies and interests into every aspect of national life) is holding its annual readings of I Am Jazz in public schools across the nation.

If this sounds familiar, it may be that you remember last year’s debacle at Arlington’s Ashlawn Elementary School, as well as hundreds of other elementary schools across the country, where kindergarteners were treated to a reading (by a transgender person no less) of the transgender community’s holy book. I Am Jazz relates, in four-year-old language, the story of a boy who was hormonally and surgically castrated so he could impersonate a girl.

The book fails to mention a number of important things, including the multiple surgeries “Jazz” continues to undergo in attempts to ameliorate the botched horror show that is now this poor young man’s sex organ and urinary tract.

The Arlington Parent Coalition recommends that if parents are not comfortable with children being taught that biology has no bearing on one’s sex, and that “anyone can be anything,” and that “God makes mistakes sometimes,” and that “you may not be the gender your parents said you are,” parents might want to have their children take a sick day on Thursday, February 27, 2020.

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