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Ohio Fights Against Risky Sex Ed Teaching

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Ohio middle schoolers are being taught about condom use. Time to act!

Pushing the boundaries of the law is a specialty of the Left, particularly on sexuality. Invent new issues, push the limits, and then use liberal activist judges to back up illegitimate actions.

Ohio is one of twenty-six states where abstinence sex education is not only required by state law, but where it must be stressed in sexually transmitted disease education. The state’s “abstinence-until-marriage” bill was a huge victory for conservatives in 2001. Diligent parents exposed the Ohio Department of Health’s use of Center for Disease Control’s sexuality curricula called “Programs that Work,” which were replete with detailed advocacy of contraceptive use and promotion of abortion.

So one would think that individual school districts in Ohio would be eager to cooperate with Ohio law, right? Not if groups like Planned Parenthood, GLSEN — the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network, Human Rights Campaign and NARAL-Pro-Choice Ohio can sneak in explicit “comprehensive sex education” under the radar, especially in big-city, more liberal school districts.

In violation of Ohio law, schools are promoting a graphic and comprehensive sex education (CSE). Ohio children are being harmed as they are drawn into premature sexual activity in all directions through instruction that tells them all sex is normal and manageable.

Ohio Value Voters investigated in June 2019, and issued a detailed report.

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Columbus School District Backs Bully Administrator

Read this propaganda piece from ABC station

Bully administrator at Briggs High School

A follow-up to our last newsletter...

Apparently, the Columbus school district (Columbus City Schools) is supporting John Kuijper, the openly homosexual Briggs High School official who treated young pro-life demonstrators from Created Equal so badly. The only objective reporting in the ABC Channel 6 coverage (below) is the revelation that---surprise!-- the Created Equal demonstrators were within the law as they stood at the roadside and educated students about the violence of abortion.

By the way, Mark Harrington, president of Created Equal, told me he was not contacted by Channel 6 for a comment.

Read the nauseatingly biased ABC Channel 6 news coverage

I'll be frank....

This fight is sometimes discouraging

Linda Harvey testifies at Ohio Statehouse

Twenty-five years! That's how long Mission America has been confronting the social liberalism agenda in Ohio and throughout the country. We have seen many successes, but as we know, it will take a lot more of us fully engaged if we are to win this war.

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