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Pro Lifers Harassed by Homosexual Columbus School Official

Mission America report

Briggs High School official starts to bully this pro-life demonstrator

Who are the real bullies?

Recently, our friends at the pro-life group Created Equal posted a very disturbing video showing several of the group’s young members demonstrating with posters that show the graphic reality of abortion, as they often do. They stood outside a Columbus area high school.

The video reveals the shocking harassment this young man and young woman received by the 9th grade administrator at Briggs High School, whose name is John Kuijper. It’s on the CreatedEqual.org web site. But there is even more to the story that is just now coming out.

John Kuijper insisted the Created Equal activists had no right to demonstrate there, and after that trick did not work (because they were within the permitted ten-foot easement), he got in the young woman’s face and began to mock her. As students approached to take their brochures, he tried to interfere with the demonstrators' freedom of speech, told them they weren’t acting the way Christians should, and even told students who passed by that they should “ignore these people.”

Basically Kuijper behaved like a spoiled 12-year-old pitching a fit, not at all the way a high school administrator should act in the United States of America, where people defending the rights of the unborn have every right, and in fact a true moral duty, to educate people about the violence of abortion.

But our friend and pro-family colleague Laurie Higgins pointed out something she came across on the Internet. John Kuijper is apparently a homosexual man who co-owns a house in Columbus with a male partner, as revealed in a newspaper article from 2017 where their house was featured on a garden tour, and of course, he comes across as a smiling, mild-mannered, harmless person. Go HERE to read the article.

We are not saying that all people who proudly identify as homosexuals are bullies and harassers, nor that all are in favor of the continued killing of innocent unborn children and want to stop any attempt to reveal the truth.

Yet in way too many situations, such people do turn out to be unhinged leftists all across the board, and they are part of the anti-Christian sentiment that is becoming more and more prone to extremes like this.

Think about it—in order to be a good example of the tolerance and respect that the “LGBT” community insists we show them, why couldn’t he have just allowed these folks their freedom of speech? The reality is that the truth is often extremely uncomfortable to proud sexual sinners and they have uncontrollably hostile reactions to Christians. Such attitudes are blooming into outright persecution, friends, and we must stand up, insist on peaceful free speech venues, and never take these rights for granted.

Please call Briggs High School and tell them how inappropriate this behavior was on the part of this administrator. Call Briggs High School Principal Milligan at 614-365-5915.


Evidence Suggests Gender Procedures for Minors are Experimental

Peter Sprigg, Family Research Council

Several states have introduced bills that would prohibit certain physical procedures that alter the normal development or body of a child or adolescent for the purpose of facilitating a “gender transition.” These laws (sometimes called “Vulnerable Child Protection Acts”) would ban the use of puberty-blocking drugs, cross-sex hormones, or gender reassignment surgery in minors.

One of the arguments raised by opponents is that these procedures should not be restricted because they represent a standard of care that is “evidence-based."
...Just how good is the “evidence” cited in support of gender transition procedures—especially for minors?

ARTICLE continues


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