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GOP Lawmakers to Introduce Bill to Ban Gender Treatments for Minors

from The Ohio Star

Bill Sponsor Ohio Representative Ron Hood (R-Pickaway County)

Two Ohio lawmakers are set to introduce a bill that would make transgender youth medical procedures illegal.

In soon-to-be introduced legislation by Ron Hood (R-Pickaway County) and Bill Dean (R-Dayton area) would prevent children under 18 from taking puberty blockers – powerful drugs taken to postpone growth – and undergoing transition surgery.

The measure may also include a criminal penalty for doctors who perform these procedures.

“What we’re trying to accomplish in this bill is that these procedures cannot be done. It would cause sterilization, irreparable damage to children that can’t be reversed,” Hood said at a press conference Tuesday. “That’s what makes this such a problem. Decisions made in childhood that are very, very permanent and cause sterilization cannot be reversed.”

President of Citizens for Community Values Aaron Baer told the Columbus Dispatch he “likened” the proposal to a Kentucky law that can charge doctors with felonies if they prescribe hormonal drugs or perform surgeries on children.

In addition, Baer, whose organization is helping draft this legislation, told cleveland.com that the government intervenes in many aspects of public health.

“There are plenty of areas where the government says this is so egregious, this is so dangerous to children that we have to intervene and protect,” he said.

In 2018, CCV helped write HB 658, which would have given parents a veto over their child’s pursuit of a sex change. The bill did not advance.

States like Florida, Missouri and Colorado have proposed similar pieces of legislation. Recently, South Dakota tried and failed to pass a similar bill this month to ban transgender treatments for children.

Equality Ohio, who an organization that advocates for transgender people, released a statement condemning the upcoming bill.

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