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No Parents Allowed at School-Sponsored Sexual Corruption

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Warning: graphic content

Are you comfortable with your child writing an English class paper about a “transitioning” male-to-female make-up artist? Or answering an essay question explaining why some people masturbate?

Or forced to act as a homosexual in a sex ed role-play in front of the whole class?

Or taught that “sexting” is here to stay, and the only issue is “consent”?

If this bothers you, it’s time to change schools or get active. Dangerously irresponsible sex education has arrived in almost every town, yet most parents still don’t think it’s relevant to their children, at their school. But “LGBTQ” lessons and “comprehensive” porn-based sex ed are boldly advancing and sexual anarchists are shoving parents aside as they insist on the right to corrupt your kids.

The only way parents can evict these sexual squatters from classrooms is to expose the filth and make lots of noise. But if you try, be prepared for dirty tricks.

Here are some recent examples of battles at the local level.

Washington State families are facing a brick wall of progressive obstacles and underhanded tricks over plans to put health clinics on site in schools. And conservative outrage is building as parents discern what such clinics will surely do: refer for abortions, prescribe contraception, and even possibly screen for and administer opposite sex hormones to gender-confused children. Some of it will be covered by insurance. A recent education hearing chaired by a Democrat refused to allow witnesses to engage in a full discussion of the impact of such clinics.

Parents in that state also have grave concerns about requirements to teach sex ed beginning in kindergarten. This mandate passed the Senate and is now before the House.

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Linda Harvey at Ohio Statehouse

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from Mission America | Linda Harvey, President
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