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Will More Teachers Smash Boundaries under Compulsory "LGBTQ" Laws?

Linda Harvey, Mission America

The door is now wide open in many public schools for corrupting teachers to enter and poison the minds and bodies of impressionable children.

Most teachers try to do what’s right, but with so-called “non-discrimination” school policies in place, sexually immoral adults or pro-abortion/“LGBTQ” activists cannot be barred from classroom access to children.

And now in New Jersey, it’s easier than ever, since “gay” indoctrination just became a state requirement. Beginning in the 2020 school year, NJ schools must teach that homosexuality and gender confusion are wonderful and normal behaviors with a legacy of brave heroes.

This will be, of course, a bald-faced lie.

The timing is ironic. Just two weeks before this deviance-mandate bill was signed by New Jersey’s Democrat governor, Mission America received a distraught email from a mother in north central New Jersey. She contacted us after reading articles on our web site, and provided infuriating details about her son’s private corruption by a teacher allied with GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

Here’s what she wrote....

ARTICLE continues

Heartbeat Bill Reintroduced in Ohio!

Hearings already underway this week at Statehouse

Janet Porter, Rep Ron Hood, Rep. Candice Keller and Lori Viars.

The Heartbeat Bill is on its way again, and this time we pray it will pass at long last.

In the Ohio Senate, it was introduced by State Senator Kristina Roegner (it's Senate Bill 23) and in the Ohio House by Representatives Ron Hood and Candice Keller (House Bill 68).

Consider attending one of the upcoming hearings and pray for its passage. And make sure you contact your representatives and let them know that it's time for this bill to finally pass and save every unborn child who has a detectable beating heart.

For more information, go HERE.  

Does Your Child Have Questions about Sexuality Issues?

Order Linda Harvey's book

For the teen or young adult who is in danger of believing the culture's deception about homosexuality and gender confusion, this book is a must!

Linda Harvey's book, MAYBE HE'S NOT GAY (now in its second edition) is a great example of pushing back against evil and it's an excellent resource to give to our kids who face misinformation on a daily basis about the issues of homosexuality and gender confusion. Don't our kids deserve the truth?

More information is available on our Mission America web site.  


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