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Maybe He's Not...a Girl

Linda Harvey's book features new chapter on gender rebellion

Second Edition of Linda Harvey's highly-acclaimed book!

I’m gay.” Too many young people are deciding this is their "identity." And apparently, there are a host of new "civil rights" that come with it. But is this even true, that being "gay" is really "who you are?" Does this identity bring liberation - or a whole new burden? Does it lift the veil of secrecy - or start a new kind of struggle?

"Maybe He’s Not Gay" addresses these questions., and gives answers to young people confused by the turmoil of adolescence, which for some, may include same sex attractions or gender confusion. It explains what these feelings mean - and why a new identity as "gay" may not be the final answer.

**This NEW second edition of "Maybe He's Not Gay" is revised and updated, and includes a new chapter, "Maybe He's Not...a Girl," explaining the fallacies of the current campaign to sell young people on gender "fluidity" and convince them they should all share bathrooms and showers with the opposite sex.

Linda Harvey's book lays out the whole story for teens. Don't they deserve to know the truth?

Parents, order this book for your kids!

To find out more, go HERE.

Parental Rights vs. Teen Gender Confusion

Cincinnati decision draws protest

Press conference in Cincinnati

Custody of a teen girl in Cincinnati was just awarded to her grandparents. Why? Because they, in contrast to her parents, approve a Cincinnati Children's Hospital plan to administer high risk opposite sex hormones to this girl who wants to "become" a male.

Parental rights are under fire and a recent press conference drew a crowd of parents, lawmakers and pro-family leaders to protest.

Some announcements from CCV (www.ccv.org) --

Rep. Tom Brinkman will be bringing forward legislation to ensure the state can never remove a child from their parents’ custody because the parents will not consent to hormone therapy for “gender transition.”

CCV has filed a medical ethics complaint against Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s Dr. Lauran Conard with the State of Ohio Medical Board. Dr. Conard leads the Transgender program at Cincinnati Children’s.


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