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CPAC Bends to Religious Freedom Deniers

Linda Harvey, WND.com

Is it true that men who have sex with men are now calling the shots in America? As are women who are intimate with other women?

Even as “conservatives”? It’s a tragedy that the American Conservative Union’s CPAC -- the biggest annual “conservative” gathering in America-- is now an apologist for religious-freedom-denying homosexual activists while shutting the door to responsible, respected pro-family organizations.

CPAC proclaims a “conservative” identity, yet this year the organizers are shocked, shocked at a call for bold action defending children and religious freedom by one of its scheduled exhibitors, MassResistance.

CPAC just retracted MassResistance’s approval to exhibit because president Brian Camenker urged his audience during a 2015 speech to be less winsome and more willing to express justified outrage over the degradation of our culture by “LGBT” activists.

And he’s absolutely right. Brian did not recommend violence and he never would. Just political push-back fueled by genuine concern for youth.

It’s time to wake up to the war that has been declared against morality. Aggressive “LGBT” activists diligently corrupt kids but still pose as victims. Their goal is to mute objections to, for instance, lessons instructing twelve-year-old boys how to have anal sex.

It’s time for a little less “love” and a bit more, “Leave our kids alone!”

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Bringing America Back to Life

Linda Harvey will speak at major Ohio conference

Linda Harvey, Mission America president

There’s a great conference coming up soon in Cleveland called “Bringing America Back to Life.” It’s sponsored by Cleveland Right to Life.

It’s on Friday and Saturday, March 9 and 10 at the Embassy Suites in Independence, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. This is a power-packed meeting, with many great speakers and pro-life, pro-family exhibits. It usually draws 400 to 500 or more people. And there are separate workshops for youth.

And one of the speakers this year is Mission America president, Linda Harvey. She will speak on Saturday morning, March 10 with a talk entitled “The Intersection of Sexual Anarchy, the ‘LGBT’ Agenda, and the Pro-Life Movement."

For more information, go to this link: Bringing America Back to Life.

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