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The Left Used "Milosophy" to Corrupt the Boy Scouts

Linda Harvey, WND.com

Milo Yiannopoulos is dead wrong. Sexual relationships between boys and older men never benefit the boys. Selective perception is not reality, and it is right to condemn his statements.

It’s that kind of thinking that has been used by the left for decades to sell pathologically onerous ideas to America.

Consider this scenario. America mourns a crisis, with real human victims, and clearly-identifiable good guys and bad guys.

But abracadabra, within a few years, the bad guys become the victims, America’s protectiveness is called a “phobia,” the media pounds this message incessantly, the bad guys win, and everyone is looking around and saying, “What happened?”

The left keeps doing this-- spinning really bad news (for them) into successful assaults on morality, security, and Judeo-Christian western civilization.

They insist illegal immigrants, even if they might be radicalized jihadists, enter America—the country attacked by Islamic terrorists on 9/11. When did non-citizens gain civil rights’ protection under the American Constitution?

Saul Alinsky would cheer about how progressives have flipped that issue and also, their triumph in thoroughly corrupting the Boy Scouts.

The BSA just revised its national policy to allow a 9- year- old girl in New Jersey to pose as a boy as she joined a Cub Scout pack in Secaucus. The national board opened the door several years ago to open homosexual expression among boys and then, their leaders.

The next step? A woman posing as a guy heading a Boy Scout troop. It’s coming, probably this year. And BSA national will cave, fearing a lawsuit.

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