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Valentine Reminder: 'Darker' Passion is Not Love

Linda Harvey, WND.com

Our children donít need sex education. They need love education.

In a culture where Fifty Shades Darker opened on Valentineís Day weekend to enthusiastic crowds, younger generations are sometimes buying the Shadesí twisted view of romantic love.

Does true love include bondage and dominance? Not in a stable, healthy relationship. But too many of our kids think this is a normal variation of intense desire. No, lust inspired by control and violence is only on the menu of relationships destined to crash and burn.

Itís also a feature of cultures in rapid decline. Women and girls are flocking to these self-destructive movies.

Many millennial girls as well as guys use their bodies as a handshake, gambling for a sustainable, lasting attachment. But after premature intimacy, they move on to other partners if they feel disappointed. Itís ruthless and shallow and a recipe for defeat.

Itís not such a happy Valentinesí Day in America. But our kids think this is supposed to work. Porn, ropes and hand-cuffs are being sold as the new candy and flowers of todayís fantasy date.

How sad that the sweet, slow blossoming of young love is a lost experience for many of todayís youth. They short-change the process, missing that mysterious, glorious human interaction crafted by the Almighty to produce life-long passion sealed by holy marriage.

The loss, usually unperceived, is heartbreaking, soul-breaking and society-breaking.

We should not be surprised. After learning throughout middle and high school ďhealthĒ education classes that any form of sexual contact is acceptable, why would most youth seek another path? Modesty-smashing, intentional gender blending is a shock strategy of these classes to quickly deliver the required propaganda. Stunned, desensitized kids are then molded to the new pathological norms of the American pornografied culture.

Yet not all teens fall for this nonsense, and thatís the very good news. New surveys reveal that more and more teens wait for sex. They listen to the sexual risk avoidance lessons taught in responsible schools. With strong examples from home, they know that another outcome is quite achievable.

If only more were going this direction. The hook-up sector is growing and its practices are darker and more damaging.

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