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Keep Calling about "LGBTQ" Ohio Bill!

Call Monday or Tuesday this week

Linda Harvey testifies at HB 369 hearing at Ohio Statehouse

Keep calling, Ohio, about the so-called “Fairness Act” which would add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to Ohio civil rights law.

Do we need this? Absolutely not. Our civil rights’ laws are fair already, and encouraging sexual immorality would be the opposite— tragically unfair to children, families and people of faith.

The bill is House Bill 369 in the Ohio House and Senate Bill 11 in the Senate. Hearings have been held in both chambers.

Call your Ohio House representative— go HERE to get contact information.

And for Senate contact information, go HERE  

Talking Points to OPPOSE 'Fairness Act' In Ohio House and Senate

From Mission America

Do we want even more forced promotion of gender confusion in Ohio schools?

SAY NO to Ohio House Bill 369 and Senate Bill 11!

Ohio does NOT need this bill. Here's why—

All citizens in Ohio are already protected against discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, disability, age, religion, national origin, ancestry, familial status in housing, military status and retaliation.

There is no need for protections based on sexual behavior or discomfort with one’s anatomy. These are personal preferences and attitudes, not “rights,” and where such legislation has passed, there’s a track record of harming the freedom, status and current rights of other people.

Homosexual behavior and gender confusion are highly controversial, with demonstrated health and social risks, and millions of Ohioans have deep concerns about validating these identities and behaviors, especially when impressionable children might be taught to accept them inaccurately as normal and uncomplicated.

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We are determined to stand firm knowing God reigns in His mighty and eternal power. Please pray that we would withstand weapons formed against us and keep His purposes and mission always in mind.

As always, we give big thanks for you and could not do this without your help. May God equip and strengthen you in your own lives and journeys to serve Him!  


from Mission America | Linda Harvey, President
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