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Resolution: Stand Up to the 'LGBT' Bullies in 2020

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Who are the real bigots and bullies in America today? We all know the answer. The body count is piling up of those who’ve capitulated to sexual rebel demands. And it’s not because "LGBT" folks occupy the high ground.

Corporations, schools, politicians and everyday moms and dads give in to these bullies mostly out of fear. Chick Fil A and Hallmark are the latest prominent examples of appeasement as the once family-friendly companies attempt to buy off this mob.

It won’t work and now both face boycott actions by their largest audience—conservative Christians. This is the face of corporate stupidity.

And then there’s the unjust and unfair “Fairness for All Act” sponsored by a few congressional Republicans. There must be big “LGBT” donors lurking somewhere, because H.R. 5331 is an obvious dead-end mistake that will only serve to alienate GOP voters.

So how do you deal effectively with a bully?

Stand up to them. And we need more standing in 2020.

As Christians, this does not mean we answer evil for evil, but we do stand our ground, especially to protect the innocent. And even though everyone would like to ignore it, a growing sexual corruption coalition is aggressively pursuing children in schools, libraries, and online.

But be prepared, because confronting these extremists is not always easy.

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