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Heartbeat Bill Passes Ohio Senate!

Praise the Lord!

From Citizens for Community Values, CCV:

The Ohio Senate passed the Heartbeat Bill (HB 258) last night by an 18-13-1 margin. Sponsored by Rep. Christina Hagan and Rep. Ron Hood, this life-saving bill would prohibit abortion once a heartbeat is detected in an unborn child.


Because the bill was amended in the Senate, it must go back to the House of Representatives for a “concurrence vote” before heading to Governor Kasich’s desk. We are hopeful this will happen today.

Here is the vote break down:

Kevin Bacon
Bill Beagle
Dave Burke
Bill Coley
Randy Gardner
Bob D. Hackett
Frank Hoagland
Jay Hottinger
Matt Huffman
Kris Jordan
Peggy Lehner
Rob McColley
Larry Obhof
Scott Oelslager
Bob Peterson
Lou Terhar
Joe Uecker
Steve Wilson

All the NO votes are Democrats except for the Republicans indicated)--

Edna Brown
Matt Dolan -- Republican
John Eklund-- Republican
Stephanie Kunze -- Republican
Gayle Manning -- Republican
Sean O'Brien
Joe Schiavoni
Michael J. Skindell
Vernon Sykes
Charleta B. Tavares
Cecil Thomas
Sandra R. Williams
Kenny Yuko

Not Voting
Frank LaRose-- Republican

Call Kasich's office! 614-466-3555
He has pledged to VETO this bill, but maybe God will change his mind.

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