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Judges, Porn and Child Rape

Linda Harvey, WND.com

Very young children are increasingly targets of child rape

During the holiday season, thousands of victimized children in America will not have a merry Christmas.

Little children who have been raped and videotaped lose trust and hope, instead living in a cocoon of fear and brokenness.

Can’t we change that picture? One thing we can do is hold people accountable who occupy positions of power and influence, who seem oblivious or worse—sympathetic.

Like federal officials and judges.

Recently, fifteen women accused a west coast judicial superstar of sexual misconduct. It seems top federal Judge Alex Kozinski has a sexual harassment problem as well as a devotion to hardcore, workplace porn.

Now under the pressure of current and past scandal, Kozinski just announced he is retiring. This may be good news, depending on his replacement.

Kozinski, a federal judge in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals who was even chief justice at one time, was accused by numerous women of sexual misconduct, including deliberate exposure to porn in his chambers.

Do men with affinities for vulgar images descend to the most depraved level—material involving children? Many speculated that if such a case had come before his bench, it was doubtful the criminal would be punished to the full extent of the law.

And that concern extends to many other judges and government officials.

Back in 2008, while Judge Kozinski presided over an obscenity trial, hardcore porn images were found on his office computer. He claimed they were uploaded accidentally or possibly by his son. The trial was halted and declared a mistrial.

But it gets worse. Kozinski “broke into a judicial computer security system to restore access to pornographic websites,” according to a petition on Change.org that called for his impeachment.

What kind of judge does that?

Commonly one addicted to porn, according to an expert. I asked Dr. Judith Reisman what she thought about Kozinski and she believes his actions resemble the profile of porn addiction. Scenes of bestiality and other degrading images of women on all fours, painted as cows, were found on his office computer. 

Reisman said in an interview in 2008 that Kozinski’s objectivity was in grave question. “Having this kind of material on any kind of website already indicates that he has lost his way, his boundaries, his perceptions,” she said. She also believes this “hidden pathology” is alarming in someone with power over so many people.

And she, along with author Lori Handrahan, notes the probability that child pornography will show up involving a surprising number of public officials. Dr. Handrahan started the Kozinski impeachment petition and is the author of a powerful new book called Epidemic: America’s Trade in Child Rape.

This book is so disturbing, you might want to change to something else before bedtime. But we must engage with the issue. Gruesome sexual victimization of children is increasing rapidly along with its severity.
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