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Netflix Documentary "Pray Away" Demonizes Ex-Gay Change

Peter LaBarbera, LifeSiteNews

God still saves people from sin-- Deceit will not win!

A new Netflix documentary, Pray Away, is Hollywood’s and the LGBTQ lobby’s latest manipulative assault on the most politically incorrect group on the planet: men and women who have left active homosexuality or transgenderism behind to live lives consistent with their Christian faith.

Pray Away employs the usual array of editing tricks, unsubtle bias, and one-sided interviews to ram home its Sexual Left narrative that so-called “conversion therapy”—the effort to change homosexuals’ “sexual orientation”—is cruel, fraught with danger (even “deadly”), and deserves to be banned by law.

The film features several “ex-ex-gay” defectors who once led or were affiliated with prominent evangelical ministries like Exodus International, the now defunct umbrella group that helped people overcome unwanted homosexual desires—but who now crusade against ex-gay ministries and therapy.

Pray Away conveniently defines “conversion therapy” very loosely to include religious counseling because that will make it easier for emboldened LGBTQ activists to come after biblically loyal churches who counsel people to overcome unwanted homosexual and gender desires.

There simply is no greater threat to religious freedom in America today, with fewer defenders, than the lie-driven gay/transgender activist campaign to ban what is essentially talk therapy and biblical counseling that they don’t like—but which they and their media sycophants have effectively demonized as “Conversion Therapy.” Pray Away will be a major tool in their arsenal.

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Real vs. Pretend Risks Jeopardize All Americans

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Depravity in the library is fine but vaccine warnings are criminal? What has happened to our priorities?

Ready to be re-masked? Many schools just announced all-student masking policies to kick off the school year. And who can argue, after the tragic deaths of millions of children from COVID over the last year?

No, wait—that never happened. It was thousands of our precious offspring who succumbed to the virus.

Oh, but hold on again. It was far less than that. In fact, 423 American youth (ages infant to 18) have died of COVID since January 2020, according to the CDC. And that’s out of approximately 74 million children in America.

Tragedies, every one. But a pandemic?

Surely these were all in schools that remained open without masks. No? Then what could be going on here?

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