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Real vs. Pretend Risks Jeopardize All Americans

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Sam and Julie Dean of Plain City, Ohio: victims of Christian persecution

Ready to be re-masked? Many schools just announced all-student masking policies to kick off the school year. And who can argue, after the tragic deaths of millions of children from COVID over the last year?

No, wait—that never happened. It was thousands of our precious offspring who succumbed to the virus.

Oh, but hold on again. It was far less than that. In fact, 423 American youth (ages infant to 18) have died of COVID since January 2020, according to the CDC. And that’s out of approximately 74 million children in America.

Tragedies, every one. But a pandemic?

Meanwhile, authentic risks stalk our children daily at school, in the media and elsewhere. How about a little perspective here? Can I get an Amen?

But Scripture is unfolding before our eyes, where evil is good, and good is evil. The plight of a family in the small town of Plain City, Ohio perfectly depicts the lunacy of what some government officials consider “threatening.”

Julie and Sam Dean are Catholic parents of seven home-schooled children. They will go to jail soon unless an appeal overturns their over-the-top sentence of 90 days in jail (all but 2 suspended), several thousand dollars in fines and weeks of community service.

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Protect Ohio Children Opt-Out Forms for Coming School Year

Keep Harmful Information Away from your Children

Some classrooms will promote harmful, inaccurate ideology-- unless parents act!

From Protect Ohio Children:

As a parent and/or legal guardian of a minor child, you have a right under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, the U.S. Constitution, and the Constitution and laws of the State of Ohio, to direct the upbringing and education of your minor child. As the new school year begins, now is the time to notify school administrators and put them on notice, that you do not consent to your child’s participation in any instruction or discussion of divisive or inappropriate concepts.

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