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Interview with Peter LaBarbera on "Pray Away"

Tune in this Saturday, August 14, at 1:00 pm ET to my interview with Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth as we discuss the inaccuracies of the recent Netflix documentary, "Pray Away."

This wildly distorted view (from those who returned to sexual sin) claims that no one can ever leave homosexuality or gender confusion.

You can listen throughout Ohio on The Word Columbus, 880 AM or in Columbus on 104.5 FM, or live streaming! It will also be posted next week on my archive page.

To visit my radio show archive page, go

A Mom Speaks Out about the Medical Gender Agenda

Mission America alert

From the Columbus "pride" parade a few years ago-- a now-bearded young woman proudly displaying the scars of her mastectomy

The deaf ears of many doctors did not stop one mother who recently wrote to an Ohio physician, asking that he consider her viewpoint.

Here's a portion of the letter she sent him, quote:

“I am the mother of a child who suddenly claimed a transgender [identity] and became swiftly medicalized....

"I am not seeking your help per se ....I am a mere representative of the many thousands of parents who have had their child medicalized in as little as one visit to a gender affirming medical establishment. ....I am sharing the truth of gender identity medicine today as our family and countless others have experienced it.”

“.. Our story involves a young adult daughter while away at college...."
ARTICLE continues

Bray Away: The Whiny Lament of Ex Ex-Gays

Andrew Comiskey

The Lord still reigns and still saves from sin!

Netflix just dropped ‘Pray Away’, a documentary intent on exposing the ‘harm of conversion therapy’ as to ‘end it’; first time feature director Kristine Stolakis delivers only a meandering piece of propaganda for the rainbow set. Boring. Aren’t we all a little weary of weepy narratives spliced to become sacred LGBTQ+ scripture? Stolakis selects and spotlights the stories of former ‘ex-gays’ who found the narrow way of following Jesus abusive and now claim redemption through devotion to the rainbow gods. Been there, heard that. Not subversive enough. Give me stories about real sinners and the real God who bears sin.

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