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Abortion Atrocity in Ohio. Where is the Governor's Office?

Mission America alert

Children are precious. No child's life belongs in the trash.

Silence of Governor DeWine
is Deafening on Abortion Atrocity
in Cuyahoga Falls!

Did you know that in July the body of a nearly 4-month-old aborted baby and paraphernalia from an abortion were found in a DUMPSTER outside an abortion facility in Cuyahoga Falls (OH)?

If you didn't know this, it's likely because both the mainstream media and the DeWine administration did not find it newsworthy.

For details of this tragic incident, read more

Insist Governor DeWine TAKE ACTION on this tragic incident. The abortion facility was operating with an EXPIRED LICENSE and, as a minimum, was also in violation
of Ohio's HIPAA laws.

Please help us to prevent this infant from having died
in vain and hold Governor DeWine responsible for the health of ALL Ohioans.

You can email Governor DeWine
in ONE CLICK by following the link below.

Go HERE to send a note to the governor.  

The Wedding Most Americans Don't Want to Attend

Linda Harvey, Mission America

If you are like most people, you are watching with trepidation the unraveling of our culture’s morality and political infrastructure.

Where is authentic justice? Authentic science? A trustworthy election? Why do even the courts frequently fail to enforce the law?

Our new rulers seem to be an alliance of fellow travelers representing radical sexual politics, hard-core feminism and race hucksterism, with Democrats at their back, Big Tech/media as their watchdogs and Antifa as their muscle.

What could possibly go wrong with a marriage like this?

When you strip away all the rhetoric, there’s one essential driver in the hearts of these subversives.

They hate God. They hate the followers of Jesus Christ, they hate Judeo -Christian Western civilization, and they will distort us, silence us and even come after us-- whatever it takes to eliminate our voice and influence.

And these mutineers are a clear and present threat to the safety and well-being of children, based on their own words and actions, even as they endlessly virtue signal. But do not be deceived.

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from Mission America | Linda Harvey, President
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