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Attention, Parents of Middle and High Schoolers

Watch these videos! Obscene Sex Ed May Be in Your School!

Diane Stover explains the detailed records request about Ohio school sex ed programs

Protect Ohio Children has put together detailed reports, backed up by videos, of the obscene and dangerous content of the following national sex education programs:

*Draw the Line/ Respect the Line

* Reducing the Risk


And more...

These condom-obsessed, pro-abortion lessons are being taught in many OHIO schools, and guess what? Ohio has a law mandating abstinence teaching. This is NOT abstinence!!

Great work by Diane Stover of Ohio Value Voters/Protect Ohio Children!

Get ready to THROW things, parents!! You won't believe what is being taught to children with government grants!

To WATCH videos, go HERE.  

Obscenity in Ohio Sex Education-- SYNTERO and Others

VIDEO: Linda Harvey of Mission America

Linda Harvey on Protect Ohio Children videos

Linda Harvey, President of Mission America, participates in the Protect Ohio Children project to expose the obscene, high-risk dangerous sex education being taught in many Ohio schools, even when we have an Ohio law mandating abstinence sex education!

Linda exposes the partnerhip of the organization SYNTERO with many central Ohio schools to teach this radical sex education, as well as the National Sexuality Standards (a Planned Parenthood/pro-abortion project) which is being used in Cincinnati schools, and "Reducing the Risk" being taught in Cuyahoga County.

Go HERE and select the Linda Harvey videos  

Cleveland, We Have a Problem

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Abortion clinic Preterm is featured on teen site, 216Teens

Cuyahoga County (Cleveland area) is putting the lives and health of children at risk by operating an obscene web site, 216Teens.org .

For instance, the 216Teens Facebook page included a recent post from NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) that trashes authentic abstinence. ďSay it with us. Abstinence only programs donít work. No matter how many times the anti-choice movement pushes its lies about sex ed, science isnít on their side. EVERY young person deserves inclusive, evidence-based sex ed at school. Ē

Ohio parents need to recognize that this is open defiance of an Ohio law mandating that sexuality education shall emphasize abstinence until marriage. Where are Ohio lawmakers and the Ohio State Board of Education to hold the Cuyahoga County Board of Health accountable for this illegal, child-endangering action?

Go HERE to

15 Harmful Elements of Sex Education

Do you have this list handy?

Parents, as we send kids back to school, in person or online, it's time to become familiar with what is being taught in sex ed.

And no, it's not always "medically accurate" and "evidence-based." It's often pornographic and high risk.

Learn the 15 Harmful Elements of Comprehensive Sex Education put together by the Protect Child Health Coalition.

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