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Iowa Incident Reveals Small Town Strategy of "LGBT" Activism

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Do we want deviant men reading to children?

Your library in Mayberry is planning a “drag queen” event. What’s the best way to protest “LGBTQ” activism and child seduction in your small town?

Get ready, America. Local libraries and city councils are being appropriated by “LGBTQ” activists because you are considered low-hanging fruit.

Yet the response of “our side” may not always be what we can fully support.

A recent incident in northwest Iowa should be getting more coverage in conservative media than it has. Not that we would all agree with the tactics and beliefs of the man in question, Paul Dorr, but we should be concerned about the troubling precedent it may set in legal circles.

Before we look at the Orange City, Iowa incident, let’s review the broader picture. Leftists are targeting smaller towns because their political climates are easier to manipulate.

So in Medina, Ohio, a “non-discrimination” ordinance on sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) passed the city council in July. Thankfully, it is now under challenge by a citizen’s group, with petitions filed to place the matter on an upcoming ballot, but because of technicalities, the ballot date is uncertain. Although Ohio has so far resisted aggressive campaigns to pass such a law at the state level, twenty-five Ohio towns now have “SOGI” ordinances, with a 26th, Medina, under challenge.

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