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Prepare Your Kids for Latest Satan-Inspired Books

Linda Harvey, WND.com

Parents in Las Vegas were furious when seventh-graders came home with an assigned book, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. One boy asked his mom about word he didn’t understand – “masturbate.” When mom looked through the book, she was horrified.

The school’s excuse? To counteract “racism.”

And anti-cop indoctrination prompted parent and law enforcement outrage over a high school’s summer reading list in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. The books in question were The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and All American Boys, by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely.

Fact-free, depravity-laden agendas are alive and well at your child’s school. The approaches and excuses are many, from “drag queen story hours” to celebrating LGBT identities to blatant Islamic indoctrination. Little children need to be introduced to alternate families, according to publishing giant Scholastic.

As the school year gets underway, look closely at those reading lists, texts and library displays, parents. Many of the recommended books belong only in your trash can.

Our nation’s publishers allied with the American Library Association have hit on a winning youth marketing strategy: wildly sensational themes, unencumbered (they hope) by parent and teacher objections.

I am urging you to get complete information and think for yourself.

During the week of September 23 to 29, the ALA will attempt to manipulate public opinion by lamenting a crisis of its own making. It’s the annual disinformation campaign called “Banned Books Week.”

This far-left group advocates anything goes and “intellectual freedom” – unless books or media contain traditional, child-friendly Judeo-Christian content. ALA has no problem if their obedient librarians quietly restrict access to such ideas.

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