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Public Nudity Advocates Embrace Trans Agenda

Linda Harvey, WND.com

One goal of the bathroom privacy wars is to destroy modesty. Children are especially prized as change agent warriors.

That’s all because bodily modesty is considered a relic of a bigoted Christian past.

Did you know that public nudity is an example of free speech and should be considered defensible under the First Amendment? A Ninth Circuit opinion recently said so:

“Public nudity is not inherently expressive, but it may in some circumstances constitute expressive conduct protected under the First Amendment.”

This makes so much sense. And I’m sure many of you agree!

Or not. Perhaps you are a person with class, moral discernment and discretion. But that’s not who we conservatives are up against.

We are up against the influence of extreme groups like GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, who sent out this message in an August 10 email:

‘Throughout this year, leaders at the top have consistently failed to protect LGBTQ students. Meanwhile, a student named Edward in San Diego spearheaded a proposal to implement all-gender bathrooms in his school district, an important change for trans students.”

So are “all-gender bathrooms” in your child’s future? To a nation now drowning in private pornography habits, this suddenly may not seem like a ridiculous question.

The noble cause of baring one’s body was part of the Women’s March in January. Pro-life groups were excluded, but there was room for “Free the Nipple,” for women wearing hats made to resemble female genitalia, and for menstrual activists.

Let’s not forget sporadic topless demonstrations in recent years and of course, the routine nudity of homosexual “pride” parades, where Democrat politicians march proudly beside bare-breasted lesbians.

Our enemies are unhinged, unstable people. Sexual anarchists are folks with—let’s just be frank-- issues. And our prayers should go out to them for God’s mercy as they receive sound counseling.

But meanwhile, we must restrain the evil they espouse-- by peaceful means, of course.

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"Hijacking Their Minds: How Safe Schools and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Indoctrinates Our Children"

Important Ground-Breaking Conference

Learn to identify the dangers as our expert speakers, Stella Morabito and Dr. Karen R. Effrem, unmask the radical, child endangering trends in education. Two agendas, the sexualizing of children and the teaching of Islam, have emerged under the pretext of ‘safe schools’ and ‘social emotional learning’.

You don’t want to miss this important event, Tuesday, September 26, 2017.

For more information, go to
Child Protection League  

Mission America Blocked by Norton/Symantec

Designated a "hate group"

Okay, folks, the tactics are getting ugly. After several exchanges with the legal counsel at Symantec, the publishers of the Norton anti-virus software, they are firm in their designation of Mission America as a "hate site."

It's because they prohibit discrimination on the basis of "sexual orientation" because...wait for it...it's an "involuntary characteristic." Really? No one can help engaging in homosexual behavior? Not true.

Could you help out? Please contact Symantec and tell them you think this is hateful, discriminatory, bigoted-- you know what to say. We want to protect children, but apparently, they don't care.

Go to the Symantec contact site to express your opinion.

Thank you for any help you can give. This is SO unfair.


from Mission America | Linda Harvey, President
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