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Gender Rebel Schools Pit Kids Against Parents

Linda Harvey, WND.com

New Jersey, Maryland, Hawaii, Illinois, Oregon-- is your state radical on "transgender" privilege in schools?

Here’s a sign to post in New Jersey: ”Welcome to our state, where boys may openly pose as girls and governors may openly pose as Republicans.”

Gov. Chris Christie just joined the “Hall of Shame” list of politicians facilitating gender mutilation of a child’s body and soul, using schools as the tool of corruption.

And parents are sometimes the last to know.

Christie just signed a sweeping bill on “transgender” rights in NJ schools so school officials can encourage gender rebellion among students. Under the new law, a school is prohibited from insisting confused boys use the male restroom or shower. And teachers will be forced to lie and use a male pronoun and name to address a confused girl student, if that’s what she wants.

And the law also guarantees “confidentiality” about a student’s gender identity.

This surely means that in some cases, a parent’s right to know if a son or daughter is secretly adopting an opposite sex identity while at school will be violated.

New Jersey is not alone. This anti-parent stance is becoming a trend. This fall, defiant, newly-minted policies are being established in schools all over the country to seriously erode parental rights, under the guise of “helping” the ‘transgender” student.

The betrayal of our kids starts in Washington, however.

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Parents-- Keep your eyes open this school year!

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