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Military Gender Rebels -- Choose Biology and Country!

Linda Harvey, WND.com

Smoking, non-smoking, or first available?” asked restaurant hostesses for years before smoking was totally banned in most eating establishments.

Poor smokers. All those subsequent years without visiting a restaurant. Except, as we all know, most have.

How did they get around this “ban”? It’s quite simple. They didn’t smoke.

As challenging as temporary or permanent smoking cessation can be, smokers adjusted. They were not born to smoke and so they altered their behavior in response to a culture united (rightly so) against smoke-filled rooms.

And America has had no problem coming down hard on this unnecessary, harmful behavior. In fact, the fight continues, as the FDA now wants to reduce the amount of nicotine in cigarettes to make it easier to overcome the addiction.

So why can’t we stop making it easy for those attracted to the same sex, or who are gender confused, to follow their high-risk inclinations?

As with smokers, the gender make-believers in our military could adjust as well— to reality. Hopefully, our president’s sudden but wise policy change will be fully implemented and obeyed in all branches of the armed forces.

After all, hasn’t the rallying cry for decades been to allow people to “be who they are”?

So it makes no sense that America is being blackmailed in our schools, our workplaces, and in the military (before Trump’s promising new order) to permit gender defiant people to be…who they are not.

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