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Save Girls' Sports in Ohio

Mission America alert

Confused males do NOT belong on female teams!

Do you believe girls deserve their own athletic teams minus biological boys who demand to join female competition?

We know what this is all about-- the erasing of sex differences in an unscientific attempt to validate gender confusion and "fluid" gender identities. Meanwhile, girls are knocked out of competition for medals and scholarships by troubled but determined biological boys.

In Ohio, House Bill 61 has been introduced. It's the "Save Women's Sports Act," with sponsors Reggie Stoltzfus (R-Paris Twp.) and Jena Powell (R-Arcanum) with 14 Republican so-sponsors. Sponsor testimony was just heard in the House Primary and Secondary Education Committee. The chair is Gayle Manning (R-North Ridgeville).

Now, the bill should move forward to more hearings and a prompt vote out of committee, hopefully saying "yes" to send it to the full floor of the House. But will that happen? Will hearings continue in the near future?

If you believe this bill deserves prompt and fair hearings, please call the members of the Education Committee and urge swift movement in support of this bill.

To read more about the bill go HERE

Ohio House Education Committee members

rep55@ohiohouse.gov — Gayle Manning, Chair — R — 614-644-5076
rep66@ohiohouse.gov — Adam Bird, Vice Chair — R — 614-644-6034
rep06@ohiohouse.gov — Philip Robinson, Jr. — D — 614- 644-6041
rep88@ohiohouse.gov — Gary Click— R — 614- 466-1374
rep99@ohiohouse.gov — Sarah Fowler Arthur — R 614-466-1405
rep32@ohiohouse.gov — Catherine Ingram — D — 614-466-1645
rep95@ohiohouse.gov— Don Jones —R - 614-644-8728
rep79@ohiohouse.gov — Kyle Koehler— R - 614-466-2038
rep19@ohiohouse.gov —Mary Lightbody — D - 614-466-4847
rep84@ohiohouse.gov — Susan Manchester — R- 614 -466-6344
rep56@ohiohouse.gov — Joseph Miller — D -614-466-5141
rep75@ohiohouse.gov — Gail Pavliga — R -614-466-2004
rep86@ohiohouse.gov — Tracy Richardson - R— 614-466-8147
rep45@ohiohouse.gov — Lisa Sobecki — D - 614-644-6017
rep89@ohiohouse.gov — D.J. Swearingen — R —614-644-6011

Thank you for standing up for authentic female sports in Ohio!  

It's Okay to Censor Now, If It's for 'Trans' Rights or 'Social Justice'

From Deborah DeGroff's blog

From Debrorah DeGroff's latest article:

“In Chapter 4 of Between the Covers: What’s Inside a Children’s Book?, I demonstrated that ‘Social Justice’ now trumps ‘Censorship.’

"…Do you ever feel like a ping-pong ball? The rules seem to change almost on a daily basis. Good is now evil, up is now down. No one knows from day to day who has a right to be offended and who does not.

"If you have been following the news, even math is under fire. To insist that there be a correct answer to a math problem is now a sure sign of white supremacy.”

To read more, go HERE.  


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