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Day of Silence Corruption

Mission America alert

Austin TX 6th graders invited to a "pride" event as part of "Day of Silence" observance

We are getting reports about last week's pro-homosexual "Day of Silence" and how it was observed in many of America's schools.

Tragically, it's being promoted to younger and younger children, and expanded to include an entire week in some schools.

In Austin, Texas, an invitation to an after-school event was sent to 6th graders as part of an entire week called "Pride Week." The invitation itself is suggestive and inappropriate. (See the graphic at right)

Here's what Tracy Shannnon of Mass Resistance Texas reported:
"This was sent to Austin ISD [Texas] 6th graders to invite them to a Pride Parade. God made it flood and the event was cancelled. Hallelujah!

"I would like to know if the Austin ISD students are invited to celebrate nuclear families, Christianity, Pro-life rallies, MAGA rallies?

"I would like to know who the perverts are who are grooming these kids to promote, endorse, support and engage in LGBTQ behaviors?"

"The district-wide Pride Week was all of last week. Some parents contacted me with concerns. One was keeping her child home for the entire week. They were told no opting out of Pride Week. Kids who participate in classes online (due to COVID) were told to wear pride colors to participate."  

Upper Arlington (OH) Parents, Wake Up!

Mission America alert

Upper Arlington poster promoting the "Day of Silence"

This poster appeared on a local coffee shop window (Colin's Coffee) promoting the pro-homosexual "Day of Silence"

How inappropriate to promote as a community! This is not "social justice." Homosexual and gender deviant behaviors are high-risk and immoral.

Stand up and say NO.  

Disney Channel Promoted "Day of Silence"

Disney Channel promotes high risk homosexual and gender deviant behavior

Disney Channel promoted the child-corrupting, pro-homosexual “Day of Silence”

Go HERE to see the Facebook post.

Disney Channel 
April 23 at 5:05 PM

GLSEN | Day of Silence
GLSEN #DayOfSilence is a day-long protest against the silencing of LGBTQ+ students. How are you going to #BreakTheSilence on April 23rd? We’re all in this together! Follow this link for more resources:

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from Mission America | Linda Harvey, President
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