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Mission America alert

Everything claimed about the Day of Silence? The truth is the opposite

The radical “Day of Silence” comes to many middle and high schools this Friday, April 23 and it’s time to determine how extensively it will be observed at your child’s school.

It’s basically a day when students are persuaded by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Network (GLSEN) that those who are drawn to homosexuality or gender deviance are perennial victims who are being “silenced.”

It is true that students are sometimes bullied over these behaviors or their appearance, and bullying is never right. But silenced? In today’s climate? These are the folks silencing everyone else, and any school that allows students free rein to promote or excuse this harmful conduct is discriminating against Christians, those of many other faiths, and families who believe this behavior is immoral.

A school can stand firmly against bullying and never endorse "LGBTQ" behaviors. And these identities are NOT like race. Please inform your kids to watch out for such harmful misinformation.

The Day of Silence is a day of deep deception, and it’s sad for the kids involved who are being tragically misled. They do not have to go down the road of homosexuality or gender deviance— they were not born that way!

So if your child is going to face a day of one-sided propaganda, maybe it’s better if you keep them home. Check the school website and newsletter— that’s often where the Day of Silence is promoted.

Tell our kids the truth instead!  

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