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He is Risen!

Friday brought despair, but then came Sunday....

When we see the empty cross, it serves as a reminder of the fullness of a faith where our Lord and Savior lives eternally, even though He died for our sins. Friday was a universal tragedy, but the story did not end there.

On Easter morning we celebrate the empty cross because He rose from the dead, and because of His marvelous atonement for our sins, believers have eternal life.

How amazing that we have a savior like Jesus!

Celebrate the most wonderful event in human history. Jesus lives, this week and every week, because He is risen.      

Jesus Died and Rose for Homosexual Sinners

Linda Harvey, Mission America

A call came in to our organization, Mission America, leaving this message. “I just came across your group and your viewpoint,” the young girl said, “and I just want you to know that I am proudly gay, and I and many others intend to keep fighting for the rights of LGBT people and for the human rights of everyone.”

After listening, the cynic in me immediately thought, “Well, Mission America fights for human rights, too. And would she defend the rights of faithful Christians or Christian business owners?”

But then, the mom in me paused and remembered how young she sounded, recalling my own foolish teen ideas. I took a minute to pray for her, and I urge those of you reading this to do the same. Please pray for all the tragically deceived young people out there.

Because they really think they are bravely doing what’s right, since that’s what they are being told. Those who have homosexual attractions and gender confusion are reassured by the culture’s voices of influence that they are “being true to themselves” to pursue this path. Their allies defend these harmful behaviors as well.

They feel noble, empowered and righteous. The annual April “Day of Silence” in schools will milk the “LGBT” victimhood narrative for all it’s worth, even though this movement is hardly silent but screams its demands as a reckless, ruthless bully throughout American culture.

But the sinfulness doesn’t disappear with power and popularity. The reality of separation from God does not change, and no Supreme Court or fawning media can stand in that gap.

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from Mission America | Linda Harvey, President
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